Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Success for Honor Society

The band, Honor Society, got a recording deal from demos that were mixed at Avatar by engineer Claudius Mittendorfer. They were previously called Airbourn. They were recording a new EP here and are now touring nationally.
From Left to Right:
Tim Marchiafava (back row, assist eng), Jason Rosen (HS), Andrew Lee (back row, HS), Michael Bruno (HS), Alexander Noyes (HS), Adam Blackstone (producer - Maroon 5, Jay-Z, Joss Stone), Jon Smeltz (engineer)

The following is a note we received from the band.


Obsessing over music as an adolescent and teenager, I would spend hours listening to music and reading liner notes. Even down to who the assistant engineer was on my favorite records. One constant in my favorite recordings was the phrase "recorded at Avatar Studios NYC."

Years later, in 2006, when my band HONOR SOCIETY got the opportunity to scrape up the money to mix our first EP at Avatar it felt like a rite of passage. Even being a young band with nothing proved yet Tino the studio manager (who is still there today) was extremely cool with us. Just being there was so exciting for us knowing how many great artists came through those rooms.

That EP, and a ton of hard work, got us a record deal, a debut album on Billboard, three national headlining tours, and two years of incredible memories.

So as we finally had some downtime in Los Angeles after the whirlwind we knew two things about our follow-up. A) it had to be at least partially recorded in New York, for that NY vibe and B) it had to be done at Avatar. There was unfinished business to actually record there.

Finally the full realization came true and on May 4th 2011. We set up in the live room and rocked a 12 hour lockout in room B. It was exactly as awesome as we thought it would be to get that vibe we needed in the initial drums, bass and guitar tracks. And now when our album comes out for whoever still reads liner notes it will say "recorded at Avatar Studios NYC."

Thanks Tino!

Michael Bruno
May 12, 2011 Los Angeles

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