Friday, January 16, 2009

I Love NYC Hotel Rates

QUESTION: When is the best time to record in New York?

RIGHT NOW! If you ever wanted to come to New York and record, now might be the best time to do it. With the ailing economy, everyone is pretty much holding back on spending, including travel. Consequently, businesses from airlines to hotels are scrambling to offer bargains to fill seats / rooms. Even in New York City, where you don’t typically ever see hotel rates under $200 per night (unless you are an avid Priceline addict and even then), rooms are going for fire-sale rates.

Since January 5th, hotel occupancies have dramatically gone down, partly because the New Year revelers went home and partly because a few major Broadway shows have shut down. Some hotels have reported that New Years started with a 30% occupancy rate and it may not reach even 50% this month. This condition is not expected to improve in February either where some chilly weather is expected. Consequently, hotels, like many other businesses, may be forced to layoff workers.

If you live outside the city, State or even the country and have contemplated recording at one of the studios in New York, the best tip I can offer is that this might be THE time to do so because these kinds of low accommodation rates are rare. Go ahead and call us and don’t be shy about asking for lodging arrangements. We’ll make it happen.

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