Friday, October 31, 2008

Vinyl and CD in one Disc

We sometimes receive a copy of the finished CD, the result of our recording, mixing and/or mastering efforts, from the record label or artist who is nice enough to remember and send us one. It is gratifying to see what we worked on become a real commercial product. The artwork and packaging is an aspect that we do not get involved with, but it is always interesting to see what choices the labels or artists made to market their work.

Fred Kevorkian, a mastering engineer who runs a mastering operation at Avatar, came to show us a CD from an artist in Finland that he worked with. The artist is Underwater Sleeping Society and their album entitled The Dead Vegas was just released on October 15th.

The CD dubbed "VinylCD" is a double-sided disc with a full-length CD on one side and vinyl on the other with a single from the album. The vinyl actually wraps around the CD, encapsulating it. In order for the VinylCD to play on your turntable, the package includes a little foam adapter to fit on the spindle. We've never seen anything like this before and thought it was worth a mention. Fred played the vinyl on a turntable and it seemed to work and sound fine.

The Finnish press did not seem too impressed with it. We think it is a little gimmicky, but there is something to be said about a product that enhances the tangibility of a product and make the work stand out amongst the thousands of CDs that get released every year. I don't think it is the future of CDs, but it is a nod toward the suddenly surging popularity of vinyl and the artist should get kudos for trying something different.

Apparently, the VinylDisc format was introduced at Popkomm 2007. It was developed by Optimal Media, a manufacturing company based in Germany. Other bands that may have released VinylCDs include Nick Cave and the Hellacopters.

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Roger L. said...

Yeah, that does seem gimmicky, but it also makes the object (the carrier of the music) desirable and worth owning beyond just a digital download.